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We have broad experience in other EPM tools too

EPM Live

EPM Live, previously known as WorkEngine, has been around for a number of years. It is a well-regarded SharePoint based Enterprise Project Management system. EPM Live was available on premise, in dedicated environments although recent evolutions have seen “Software as a Service” (SAAS) as the favoured offering. It has been successful due to it’s broad functionality out of the box and “SharePoint like” user interface, which is familiar in feel for new users already using SharePoint for other things.

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EPM Live – CCG is an authorised partner

CCG are the premier EPM Live Implementation Partner in Australia and have been supporting EPM Live customers for more than 7 years. We have successfully rolled out the tool for many customers, from simple fast implementations for most customers to customised highly complex implementations for others.

As a partner, CCG can assist with the enquiry/sales process but more importantly assist customers with EPM Live implementation. We help customers clarify their requirements, configure the tool, provide user training as well as assist with the change process, delivering the Project Management maturity uplift needed. CCG can also help customers with operations and ongoing support through our PMO as a Service offering.

Primavera™ – By Oracle

Oracle Primavera has been around for years, it is seen as one of the most robust scheduling solutions on the market, explaining why it is used for high end scheduling in Defence, Mining and Construction industries extensively.

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Primavera™ – CCG is very experienced

CCG have been using the Primavera tool for years, and are well connected with a number of other industry experts.  We have from time to time been called upon to advise on Primavera implementations, in order to optimise benefits from its use.  We have also run training from time to time.  Recently we were asked to assist a large Telecommunications company to implement a fully automated and integrated system which controls approximately 2000 concurrent network engineering projects, supplying and accepting dates from four other systems.

CCG can also help customers with operations and ongoing support through our Planners & Schedulers service offering.

Bespoke solutions

Estimating tool

We have collaborated with Jeff Brown, known to many in the industry for customised MS Project and Excel plug ins, to develop an automated Estimating tool using Excel and Visual Basic.  It is a great tool, guiding people through the estimating process, starting with a scope based Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and ending with a Risk assessment.  Handling cost and price, it showed promise with it’s business logic easily translated into a SharePoint solution if a customer wished.

Resource Management tool

We have resold and implemented Jeff Brown’s (known to many in the industry for customised MS Project and Excel plug ins) Resource Management Tool.  Using Excel and Visual Basic it provides great functionality for capacity planning and predicting resourcing problems.  It even extends for tracking contractor expiry and other resource related needs.  Very popular with many of our clients several years ago it was ahead of it’s time.  It is now largely superceded by EPM tools but for clients wanting a simple Microsoft Office based solution it is worth a look.


We have partnered in the past with Roland Horat and Supertech, particularly in regard to their Excel and MS Project plugin EVEngine product for doing Earned Value calculations and reporting.  It delivers In-depth project, program, portfolio Earned Value and Schedule project control and reporting to best practice guidelines and standards.  It supports small to large to mega projects, simple to complex providing single source schedule and financial integrated reporting.

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