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Lean and collaborative delivery of change initiatives or software projects needs a tool like Jira

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Jira is an industry-leading ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SAAS) Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution specifically focused on Agile projects. Originally catering to bug tracking and issue tracking for software development teams, Jira became a well-known and successful solution for software development projects.

The increasing use of Agile delivery led to Jira being developed further to become a powerful collaboration tool. Jira provides a single source of truth, along with rich collaboration features to keep Agile delivery teams moving at a fast pace.

The tool now also caters to non-software projects and lends itself to integration to PPM solutions such as Project Online.

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Jira is a highly effective tool because of its flexibility. But this flexibility can also result in unmanageable volumes of data and issues if not structured well, leading to a loss of understanding of progress, performance and outstanding work.

CCG’s Jira Hub Reporting Pack allows customers delve deeper into their Jira instances to understand the current usage patterns and gaps in data structure. With those insights, customers are able to clarify their intended usage approach, configure the Jira tool (and Jira third-party apps), provide user training, and assist with the change process to deliver the capability uplift that’s required. Our configurations are both fit for purpose and flexible enough to provide for the future.

CCG can also help customers with operations and ongoing support through our PMO-as-a-Service offering.

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Integrating Work Management and Project Management

Work Management (typically done in tools like Jira) and Project Management (typically done in tools like Project Online), are both different methods to achieve a similar outcome, improving businesses and organisations. CCG believes the two worlds can and should work together, rather than in conflict. Check out our Bimodal capability page for more information.

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