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Visibility, consistency and better informed decision making is achievable using Daptiv by Changepoint

About Daptiv – By Changepoint

Daptiv is an industry-leading ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SAAS) Project Portfolio Management (PPM) or Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution that delivers a powerful, integrated suite of PPM applications. It provides a ‘single source of truth’ and includes a fully integrated business intelligence engine that enables reports and in-depth dashboards across all project information stored in Daptiv.

Daptiv also provides an integration service, called Daptiv Connect, which enables customers to gain visibility from other systems (e.g. Agile, ERP, and ITSM) easily and at a low cost.


CCG is a Certified Partner

At Core Consulting Group (CCG), we have witnessed many different PPM solutions. Daptiv is one PPM tool that really stood out to us for its comprehensive functionality and simplistic user interface, its integration service offering, and value add to customers. Hence, we reached out to Daptiv to partner, becoming a Certified Partner of Changepoint covering Asia/Pacific implementations.

As a Changepoint partner, CCG can assist with the enquiry/sales process but, more importantly, support customers with Daptiv implementation. We help customers clarify their requirements, configure the Daptiv tool, and provide user training as well as assist with the change process, delivering the project management maturity uplift that’s needed.

CCG can also help customers with operations and ongoing support through our PMO as a service offering.

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Need help configuring or optimising your own Daptiv system?

We have a proven record of success in configuring high functionality Enterprise Project Management (EPM) systems using Daptiv. Contact Core Consulting Group for trusted, practical advice and assistance.

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