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Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tools – also called Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools – have matured greatly over the last 20 years. During this period, Core Consulting Group (CCG) has kept up with the latest developments as these tools have evolved from standalone products (e.g. MS Project and Excel) to client/server offerings (e.g. Microsoft Project Server) and more recently centralised, shared software as a service (e.g. MS Project Online).

These tools have been a key part of capability uplift. Most medium-to-large organisations have such tools in place in addition to defined project management methodology that the tool should align to.

EPM tools vary in complexity and functionality. Some come pre-defined in terms of their function, while others are more of a ‘blank canvass’, requiring the configure to create the solution. An example of this is Project Online, which has limited cost-management functionality out of the box but which has the ability to build something that will suit. But achieving this is not straightforward, which is where clients need our help.

Most organisations want visibility, consistency, and a single source of truth. A well-implemented EPM system can provide that as it follows projects through the lifecycle from a strategy or an idea for a new initiative right through to Benefits realisation. While our competitors may focus on making the client fit the tool, our approach is to make the tool fit the client. For many clients, implementing an EPM system forms part of their Digital Transformation strategy.

We don’t have discussions around compromised configuration or reporting being out of scope. Instead, we use Design Thinking principles, work backwards from reporting to configure a tool focused on outputs and benefits within the constraints of the underlying tool.

Integrated services

Our advisory services overlap with tool services: since clients make decisions, we do our best to advise. Tools and processes go hand in hand, while successful deployments are reliant on quality training.

Our people services may also be relevant, as we are often called on for data collection, cleansing, migration, and ongoing management post-go live.

Our skills

We have extensive skills implementing Microsoft Project Online, Daptiv, EPM Live and bespoke SharePoint builds. We are gaining skills and experience rapidly with Jira. We have worked extensively with Primavera and Microsoft Project Server also but there is less demand of late. We retain this knowledge and expertise, but don’t focus on this work. Similarly, we are experts in Planning and Scheduling using MS Project, having authored many customised approaches, scheduling standards, and sophisticated templates as we planned major programs and projects.

Partnering for success

Failed EPM tool implementations typically arise through a combination of poor or overly complex configuration, inadequate user training/induction, poor/missing data, lack of executive management support, and/or inadequate user change management. Although some aspects are out of CCG’s typical scope, we will work with the client to ensure success and see the benefits from an EPM system delivered.

Emerging technology

Technology has come a long way and continues to progress. Agile tools are maturing with Jira and other tools are assisting with Agile delivery. While currently not aligned – although we can help in bringing together – we believe that tools will evolve further and become more integrated supporting Bimodal delivery.

Looking to improve your business through EPM tools? Contact Core Consulting Group for practical, tailored solutions.

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