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Imagine decision makers having visibility of where things are, where they are going and why.  Good Planner/Schedulers and Controls people can provide that insight

Our focus

Having specialised in this field of specific work for more than 20 years, key staff at Core Consulting Group (CCG) understand the best approaches to planning projects and programs and presenting those plans in schedule, graphical, or other appropriate formats.

They understand how to integrate resource estimates into those plans and develop estimates using approaches that best suit clients’ projects and programs.

We recognise there is a big difference between planning and scheduling, one being the art and one the science. While schedulers have a tool focus, planners have a people focus. Planners help people articulate plans that live in their imagination. Planners add value through identifying risks and opportunities.

We are specialists with scheduling tools, particularly using Microsoft Project, as well as the use of Kanban and graphical representation of planning information. From a controls perspective, we can establish simple controls such as issues and risk registers right through to complex, integrated cost/schedule earned value systems.

We recognise the overlap with PMO analysts. However, planner/scheduler and controls personal tend to be highly specialised individuals, whereas PMO analysts tend to be more general and/or specialise in PPM/EPM Tools.

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Our people

Our planners/schedulers and controls people are highly trained, skilled, and experienced. They adopt the ‘CCG way’ in terms of planning projects; an approach proven over many decades. They also embrace new ways of working and planning where Agile approaches are involved. Program Increment Planning (PI Planning) and Sprint Planning require a different approach but are key planning activities.

Our people will bring to our engagements CCG standards and tools if needed, particularly advanced use of MS Project.

While lamenting the overuse of the title ‘Master Scheduler’, we do recognise the unique skills needed by a planning/scheduling team lead. As a minimum, they must be an experienced planner (and hence an experienced scheduler) but also possess the leadership and influencing skills needed for integration of complex plans. The team lead must be able to set, articulate, and implement scheduling standards as well as facilitate appropriate reporting.

Requests for master schedulers are not common, so more often than not we will utilise skilled freelancers we have worked with in the past.

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