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People who can truly deliver on an Agile promise are rare.

Our focus

The move to Agile delivery methods promises a lot of benefits, including speed to market, adaptability, efficiency and much more. It takes some highly capable people with some fairly specific ways of working to help teams achieve the promise and deliver effective product that can be taken to market. At Core Consulting Group (CCG) our focus is on delivering the required team behaviour changes as well as effective market suitable and sustainable outcomes, not just the next sprint.

We understand the need for self management and personal accountability, collaborative team building skills, however our focus when recruiting is on the interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to influence and lead people. We also believe some level of traditional Project Management skills and experience helps, we don’t reinvent the wheel in that respect. Whether operating in a DevOps or Continuous Improvement environment, or in an Iteration Manager or Scrum Master role, our people understand the need to deliver outcomes while promoting the objective Business Agility.

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Our people

Our Agile Practitioners are highly trained, skilled and experienced. They are people focused and outcome orientated, with experience across a wide range of delivery approaches and methodologies and able to adapt to each new environment quickly and effectively. Through knowledge of Scrum, Agile, and Lean approaches, our Agile Practitioners and Agile Coaches  are ready to apply best practice principles to each engagement, bringing with them CCG standards and tools if needed.

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