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With a reputation for expert assistance and a track record of quality service provision, Core Consulting Group (CCG) is often asked by customers to provide specialist resources. While this is no longer a primary focus of our business, it is a service we provide on request.

CCG was originally established as a specialist provider of PMO services. Over time, we have evolved to our current services focus, which is to help organisations improve their project, program, and portfolio management capabilities. This can only be achieved through a blend of improved people, processes, and tools.

Providing these resources aligns with improving the ‘people’ side; both from a capacity and capability perspective as well as offering on-site coaching and advice.

CCG has a blend of permanent and contract staff. We possess all the necessary insurances as well as the ability to offer support on a professional level, behind the scenes, and much more.

Other ways to grow your capability


CCG has extensive experience with training, combining project management and governance principles with specific ‘how to’ instructional training. Typically a key part of EPM tool deployment, our training combines aspects of ‘hear’, ‘see’, and ‘do’ through exercises, role-play, and quality courseware.

HR and Recruitment support

CCG can advise customers on the best way to define capability needs and assess individuals as well as determine the best approach to their upskilling and accreditation. We offer recommendations regarding recruitment strategies for project management-related staffing and, where applicable, help review candidates and provide independent opinion.

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