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Successful organisation embraces Agile

Tom* works in an organisation that recently piloted some Agile teams in order to prove the need for cultural change in the business.

The organisation recognised the requirement to deliver products to market quicker, improve business agility (eg embrace change), and reduce large-scale delivery risk. For the previous five years, the company had been delivering products through projects. They had a relatively high level of project management maturity and had in place an existing PPM system, processes, and a senior management team that made governance decisions.

Project managers were well trained and were used to measuring and understanding project delivery performance. Tom needed to provide a change initiative that transitioned a business unit to delivering using new Agile ways of working.

CCG influence

A personal touch when assisting with transitions

CCG has a defined and flexible approach for supporting customers with these kinds of transitions, acknowledging that each situation is different.

The CCG approach focuses on what change is required to think differently, how initiatives are planned and delivered (eg Project Planning vs Continuous Delivery/DevOps Program Increment and Sprint Planning), how scope is approached, and what measures are important. It acknowledges that success in such a transition comes from changing culture and behaviours as much as changing toolsets and processes.


Helping to create a culture that embraces change

Using experience captured in our Bimodal White paper, CCG helped Tom transition a business unit from one that was focused on traditional ways of working to one that would embrace new methods and practices.

CCG implemented ceremonies that supported the new direction and intended cultural norms. This rhythm change was aided by coaches who worked with groups and individuals to assist them in transitioning to the target Agile state and tackle the personal accountability that this required. CCG helped introduce new skillsets within Project Managers, recognising Iteration Manager and Scrum Master roles.

CCG also worked with the business unit to restructure their method of breaking down and refining scope to make program increment and sprint planning simpler and more realistic, which in turn provided greater insight into team velocity.

The result was a business unit that was able to move more quickly and deliver faster incremental benefits, and that learned to self manage.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality. Note not all elements of the story were with the one client scenario.

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