Post Implementation Review- Telecommunications

Core Consulting Group (CCG) was engaged by one of Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services companies.  Competing in markets in Australia and overseas, they continually build and improve on their technology and content solutions.  With an extremely large workforce, they take Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) seriously.  Their HSE group is responsible, including Incident and Risk Management.

Our client had initiated a HIRO (Hazzard, Incidents and Risk On line) project as an enterprise wide initiative to centralise Incident reporting across the business.  Delivered over several years, by a diverse project team, the project was challenging from a technology, stakeholder and vendor perspective.

CCG was engaged to provide an independent Post Implementation Review (PIR), for the primary purpose of learning and improving future projects.  The PIR comprised artefact review, Interviews with approx. 16 stakeholders, plus observation of project deliverables.   A “one on one” approach was taken as it was seen as providing a broader perspective than a workshop approach.  The comprehensive review report provided recommendations for the short term (system change, support etc), as well as the medium to long term (methodology changes, responsibility and governance).

The PIR customer (the HSE General Manager) was presented with the report, it was well received with positive feedback on our work.

Key Elements of the service included:

  • Fact finding, root cause analysis, hypothesis and verification
  • Recommendation forming and articulation
  • Improvement in delivery methodology
  • Improvement in management and governance models