Integrated automated high volume scheduling – Telecommunications

Core Consulting Group (CCG) was engaged by one of Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services companies.  Our client was continually growing their network, initiating thousands of smaller projects annually.  With a consistent breakdown of activities together with defined dependencies and grouping, the projects were a good candidate for automated scheduling and reporting.  They had various business systems which already contained (or needed) much of the data, so there was a high level of integration needed.

CCG was engaged due to our reputation for high end scheduling and extensive knowledge of tools.  Our initial engagement was to map the business logic, fields and reporting needs, then design and build a proof of concept system using MS Project and it’s Visual Basic automation functions.  Proving the logic was achievable and also proving MS Project was not the right tool, the proof of concept was considered a success.

We were engaged for a second phase, implementing a Primavera solution and proving it was robust enough to deliver the scale of data needed (approx. 2000 projects with 20 or so tasks each plus integration to 5 systems, fully automated).  After successfully proving that volume was not an issue, and that an interface and automation was possible CCG was engaged for the third phase – full implementation.

There were expected benefits as a result of the system, ensuring that plans and commitments held in the various systems were more accurate, comprehensive and importantly achievable.  Unexpected benefits came from highlighting where data in the various systems was either unachievable or inaccurate.

Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Business Analysis and design
  • (early days) MS Project configuration including integration, automation and reporting
  • Primavera configuration including integration, automation and reporting