EPM Tool requirements workshop (Concept of Operations) – Local Council

Core Consulting Group (CCG) were engaged by one of Melbourne’s larger local councils.  With a population of approx. 120,000 including 12,700 businesses, the council faced a variety of challenges and conflicting priorities with projects covering capital works, IT and business infrastructure.

Following a number of years planning and managing their Portfolio of projects using stand alone spreadsheets and schedules, the council decided to implement an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tool to provide an integrated single source of project reporting.  Objectives included improved efficiency, Project Management maturity, improved visibility and project governance.  It was expected that an EPM solution would be procured, however clarity of requirements was considered a key input into that procurement process.

CCG was known to council having supplied other services, so we were engaged to conduct our “Concept of Operations” workshop, in doing so defining the high level requirements for an EPM tool.  By inviting key project stakeholders, with representatives from users and decision makers, CCG facilitated a structured discussion where they walked participants through various functions a typical EPM tool fulfils.  Each function was explained, opportunities and risks of each were discussed and consensus formed as to whether the function was needed in the near term, longer term or not needed.  This helped form the implementation road map.  We encourage customers to build capability over time, avoiding the “big bang” approach, maximising business benefit while minimising the impact of change.

As a result of the short engagement, our client had a set of agreed, documented EPM tool requirements to form the basis of their Request for Tender.

Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Facilitated Workshop
  • Documented high level requirements