Agile Program Support – Service provider to the State Government

Core Consulting Group (CCG) were engaged by one of Australia’s leading technology companies who were known for delivering a portfolio of ICT solutions and services to large enterprises, small businesses and government organisations.  Our client successfully tendered to a Victorian State Government Department the Department for service delivery, to build a new Training Management System for student enrolments and service providers, replacing an existing legacy system.

Our client intended to deliver the fixed scope/fixed price contract through an Agile approach.  Agile principles were new for our client, so there was an element of change involved for the project team in establishing Agile ways of working.  Systems such as Jira were needing to be configured, work environments needed to be established.  There was a need to blend traditional project delivery with Agile, with the customer requesting more traditional progress reporting (eg using MS Project).  Our client had tried to configure Jira themselves before engaging us, this ended up creating more problems as a result.  We recommend the old adage “do it once, do it right”.

CCG was engaged to assist with the integration of new ways of working with traditional planning and reporting.  We commenced with clarifying client needs (both ours and theirs) for reporting and controls, then configured Jira and MS Project to provide the level of tracking and reporting needed.  We also coached the teams on Agile principles, including some capability uplift in using Jira efficiently.  As a result our clients now have visibility of the progress of the project through dashboard reporting including burn down charts, team based work tracking, scope tracking of the backlog, schedule tracking, sprint reporting and identification of Issues and Risks (blockers).

Both our client and their client benefited from our work, having visibility of the project through better reports, cleaner data, more concise reports with analysis and insight.

Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Agile Delivery
  • Jira configuration & report building
  • Planning Leadership