Master Scheduler – Energy company

Core Consulting Group (CCG) was engaged by one of Australia’s larger energy providers.  Our client was a fully integrated energy and network business, with complementary activities in telecommunications and energy-related technologies.  They generate, distribute and sell electricity, retail gas, and provide wholesale telecommunications services using optical fibre networks.  Our client had initiated a large program of work, requiring an integrated schedule for their Retail reform program.  The program consisted of 4 streams; Business, Technology, Test and Change Management.

Prior to our arrival, due to a lack of integrated planning, stream leads had worked in isolation with lack of clarity around scope, creating ad-hoc schedules with no identification of deliverables or dependencies let alone a critical path.

CCG’s first task was to review each stream schedule and help them standardise to a common format using defined fields and a consistent scheduling approach.  A scoping workshop was held enabling stream leads to communicate their requirements and expectations and work towards agreed deliverables within the construct of a common WBS as well as identification of dependencies between them.  The schedules were then revised to include all new deliverables and were integrated in a master schedule to allow critical path analysis to take place.

We delivered the schedule to the client together with a number of recommendations on governance and reporting structure as well as identification of the critical paths and options for pulling out time.

The outcome of our engagement with this client was an effective master schedule to enable greater program level control as a result of greater clarity of scope and program timelines.  An external independent audit was successfully passed, to the relief of our client.

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Scheduling standard with custom fields, views etc
  • Program WBS
  • Program Schedule
  • Critical path analysis