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Process and methodology

Core Consulting Group’s (CCG) advisory services cover the end-to-end investment and delivery lifecycle of projects, programs, and portfolios. This extends from strategy, project inception through to benefits realisation and beyond; regardless of how they are delivered. Our consulting advice focuses on innovation, improving efficiency and business agility, especially as we see more Business Transformation and Digital Transformation programs being initiated. The purpose of our advice is to provide tangible strategies and plans to solve problems and ensure customer success.

Based on industry best practice, together with an emphasis on learning as much as possible about our customers’ businesses, we review, recommend, and help implement methodology and process improvements.  We use problem solving skills, to consider issues and root cause analysis.  With an appreciation for the importance of change management, we have a focus on adoption and realisation of outcomes.

As specialists in PMO Consulting, experience with tools as well as governance, CCG can advise where business process must change to deliver the outcomes needed. We advise customers on the right balance of process and flexibility within their project, program, and portfolio environments, taking a pragmatic approach to ensure that the appropriate level of control is put in place.

We continue to work in hands on roles, helping customers deliver and ourselves learning new ways of working. We embrace these new ways of working, using Agile principles and approaches, blending them with existing, entrenched financial and procurement processes to provide better Bimodal ways of working. Much of our work is based on increasing capability, as a benchmark we recognise the P3M3 Capability Maturity Model.


CCG understands governance – the key ‘should we?’ decisions – at the initiative, project, program or portfolio level. We can advise on implementing and improving project and portfolio governance, which will help deliver your strategic outcomes.

Planning and controls

CCG advises customers on the right balance of process and flexibility within their project, program, and portfolio environments. Our pragmatic approach ensures that the appropriate level of control is used in the administration of the PMO within each organisation, whether that is at the project, program, or portfolio level.

We offer guidance about effective combinations of standards, processes, and tools to develop project planning, estimating, and cost-management capability appropriate for each organisation.

We understand the complexity of scoping and planning/scheduling, especially how that relates to budgeting and cost management. Much of our emphasis is placed on helping organisations define the ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘when’ as well as determining key dependencies, resource needs, and cost estimates.

CCG places a strong focus on determining how best to ensure a company’s staff is working consistently, providing more reliable estimates and forecasts.

Tool selection, implementation, and optimisation

As outlined in our Tools pages, CCG is an expert in Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tools.

We help customers determine their requirements and guide them on pragmatic ways to achieve them. Advice is given to customers regarding pragmatic requirements as well as the best approach to selecting and configuring various tools.

We also advise on optimisation strategies where clients may have a toolset but it is poorly implemented and/or utilised. Experience tells us that it is often better, and certainly cheaper, to work with the tool you have than try to change it. We are honest in our opinion, our objective is to make the tool fit the customer, not the customer fit the tool.

Outcome: A way forward

All CCG’s advisory services are designed to provide you with insight and experience, not only considering symptoms but root cause, to give a clear direction. Much of this insight may already be known, but engaging CCG helps provide clarity and independent opinion, which helps deliver executive buy-in and support.

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