About us

Core Consulting Group (CCG) was established in 2006 as one of Melbourne’s first PMO specialist consultancies, providing services to many of Australia’s top businesses and Government departments.

A proven track record

CCG rapidly gained a reputation as thought-leaders, led by Martin Vaughan and Chris Dwyer, CCG has helped its clients build their own project, program and portfolio management capability through pragmatic, best-practice improvements as well as hands-on support and innovation.

Our focus is on improving productivity and problem solving through our advisory (consulting) services promoting better ways of working and a focus on customer success. For projects and programs, this means delivering the strategic outcomes or benefits needed within the allocated timeframe and budget. For portfolios, the focus is on delivering the right projects and delivering the strategic plan.

For resource managers and application managers, this means delivering capability as efficiently and effectively as possible. For product managers and continuous delivery teams, the emphasis is on delivering value in a lean and agile environment.

Our experience with tools and process improvement together with training, coaching, and education underpins our three current service streams:
Advice, Tools and People.

Industry experience

CCG has provided a variety of services across numerous industries, mostly delivering excellent results around projects that blend business with technology. Originally focused on PMO Consulting, CCG developed capability in planning and management of projects and more recently in EPM / PPM tool implementation.

We have worked in: Aged Care, Banking and Finance, Construction, Defence, Engineering/Civil, Federal Government, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Gaming, Health, ICT, Local Government, Manufacturing, Mining, Not for Profit, Pharmacology/Bio Technology, Retail, State Government, Telecommunications, Transport and Logistics, Utilities, and more.

Our culture

The team at CCG comprises talented and passionate people who share common values, with a culture of leadership, learning, and personal accountability. We support each other to deliver better outcomes for our clients, taking pride in our work while sharing knowledge and experience.

At Core Consulting Group, we believe in the following principles for business excellence:

  • Honesty and integrity: ourselves and others
  • Respect: for ourselves and others
  • Passion and enjoyment: for work, family, and our personal interests. We are passionate about what we do, and hopefully our passion will excite others
  • Professionalism: we deliver on time, every time to the expectations of the clients but also to our own high-quality standards
  • Collegiality: we value our colleagues and clients, so we strive to help where we can

Social Responsibility

CCG firmly believes in making a positive difference to our local and global community through philanthropy and sustainable business practices. We feel it is important to contribute to a sustainable world and do so by:

  • Refining our ways of working, reducing our carbon footprint through recycling, reduction in resources via electronic files instead of printed, and through collaborative shared office space and working-from-home opportunities.
  • Giving back where we can, supporting a variety of charities through participation and/or direct donations

Read more about our environmental policy.

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