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‘Outside’ guidance critical for newly appointed program manager

Kerrie* works for a large utility company and was recently promoted by the CEO to the program manager position following a successful stint as the head of retail. The business decided to implement a large and complex transformation program that would move most customer interactions online.

The program was strategically vital for the company, particularly given upcoming regulatory mandates that would impact them. Although Kerrie was highly respected, her program management skills and experience were limited.

Kerrie required a coach, an advisor, and an assistant to help her deliver the program, and recognised it was an unusual request. After speaking with colleagues and contacts, Kerrie was referred to Core Consulting Group (CCG). Explaining her situation, Kerrie engaged a CCG director and senior consultant to help deliver the service.

CCG influence

Instrumental but unobtrusive

CCG was introduced as assistants to her team, heading up her program office. As part of this, the CCG staff members attended many of Kerrie’s meetings, allowing her to gain insight and experience from the third-party consultants without other staff realising CCG’s ‘real’ role.

CCG provided advice about best practice to handle vendor change requests and negotiations, engage with difficult stakeholders, interpret status reports and gain tangible insight into progress and problems, and align technology groups with other agendas. Most importantly, CCG advised Kerrie about how to establish and get the best from the program board.

Along the way, CCG also helped establish basics such as planning/scheduling standards, standard controls for risks, cost tracking, status reporting, and more. Other CCG employees provided hands-on program support roles such as scheduling and issues/risk management.


Wins for both employee and her business

CCG’s influence was crucial. The integrated, comprehensive, and best practice nature of the controls established a professional approach to program management.

Most importantly, CCG’s valuable assistance gave Kerrie the confidence to maximise her strengths: influence and engage her colleagues to ensure the transformation program was a success.

*Name changed to protect client confidentiality

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