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Looking to be more competitive?  We help organisations achieve greater agility and adaptability across their portfolio of initiatives. By leveraging Lean Portfolio Management & fine tuning conventional approaches, we improve strategic alignment and use new ways of working to enable value to be delivered more effectively and efficiently.  This can change how work is planned, how things get done and how change is funded and governed. Some organisations are transforming enterprise wide, some are transforming parts of their business and establishing multiple flexible delivery modes.  This is very exciting, and we are enjoying helping customers through their change defining what enables their competitive delivery edge.

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We are trusted and respected by Australia’s leading companies. We provide business leaders with innovative and practical advice and solutions, to simplify the delivery of complex change initiatives and portfolios, using a blend of conventional delivery approaches, Lean Portfolio Management and New Ways of Working.

CCG is now also part of the Exco Partners family, strengthening the team’s capability with advisory and consulting services across the entire digital supply chain including transformation + change, design + experience, business agility + delivery and data + integration.

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