Case Studies

Technical Project Manager-Banking & Finance

ANZ – Clarity Re-Launch

Clarity is used by ANZ Technology Divisions as the toolset of choice for Project Creation and Management, Time-sheeting and Internal Billing. The ANZ implementation of Clarity is one of the largest and most complex users of the Clarity Finance model in the world. Since upgrading from Niku to Clarity, ANZ have struggled to deliver a reliable project financial reporting and billing capability.

Core Consulting Group was engaged to project manage the delivery of a pre-selected reporting solution and rectification works aimed at stabilising the system both in terms of infrastructure and data. This was achieved by opening the communications channel between the business owners of the system and the technical delivery teams and by applying a pragmatic solution to the delivery of the selected reporting system. A flexible project management approach was required to deliver the rectification works as technology surprises continued to be uncovered. The Steering Group was brought closer to the project to minimise “surprises”. Careful attention to detail on the communications planning and delivery ensured improved organisational readiness leading in to financial year transition.

The project successfully delivered a revitalised technology system with improved performance and business processes. This, in combination with a thorough communication plan provided organisational readiness and a successful, low impact transition to the new financial year.