Case Studies

Scheduling Standard-Telecommunications

Alcatel-Lucent – Scheduling Standard

Alcatel-Lucent was engaged by Telstra to deliver the multi-billion dollar Titan Program.  The Alcatel-Lucent Titan Program Office Manager, engaged Core Consulting Group to train the PMO staff following a recommendation from a Senior Telstra Manager.  Following an initial review CCG recommended establishing a Scheduling standard to serve as a baseline against which training could be delivered.

Drawing on previous experience, Core Consulting Group developed a scheduling standard that addressed the complexity of the Titan Program scheduling environment and at the same time remained  pragmatic. This provided an achievable target for all schedules across the program and simplified some of the complexity. The standard was a great base for training to be developed and delivered against.   

The outcome of this work was a recognised standard for scheduling that was usable, pragmatic and effective in this complex scheduling environment. The success of the scheduling standard was apparent as it was adopted by the organisation as a standard for the Asia Pacific arm of Alcatel Lucent.