Case Studies

Resource Management Tool- Public Safety

Tenix Solutions – Resource Management Implementation

Tenix Solutions Delivery and Transformation Group (D&T) identified the need for improved resource allocation and assignment management. Staff and Management were becoming concerned with the practice of continuously redirecting resources to the “squeakiest wheel”.  D&T turned to Core Consulting Group to deliver a solution that offered improved visibility, identified resource contention and forced resource allocation planning.    

Core Consulting Group delivered a low cost, highly effective resource allocation and assignment solution within four weeks including, toolset populated with three months data, business processes (resource request, allocation, update and reporting), browser based reporting and organisational change.  This implementation was carefully planned to ensure the solution was effective both in the short and longer term.

As a result of this highly successful engagement, D&T witnessed a very significant change in their employee engagement results. Further investigation revealed that staff felt they now had the chance to focus on the task at hand without fear of being redirected to other work in an ad hoc fashion.  D&T continue to run a fortnightly resource forum to resolve contention and continue to benefit from the visibility the resource management solution provides.