Case Studies

Project Scheduler-Energy Company

Origin Energy – Project Scheduler

Origin is the leading Australian integrated energy company. Being integrated, Origin has diverse operations spanning across the energy supply chain; from gas exploration and production to power generation and energy retailing. With over 4.4 Million customers, Origin is the largest energy retailer and also has significant power generation capacity

After a rapid expansion in the Retail Capability and Change department of Origin a situation was occurring where many projects were receiving scheduling support from a single master scheduler whose time was spread thinly across these. Due to this, many schedules were receiving a low level of maintenance and weren’t providing as much value to the business as was desired. Origin required an additional scheduler to provide support and take some of the workload to ensure that each project received a higher level of attention.

Core Consulting Group filled the role as a Project Scheduler to provide the required support capable of obtaining regular updates and performing maintenance which enabled the Master Scheduler to devote more time to higher level activities more suited to the role. Value was added to Origin by providing them with more reliable and relevant schedules due to the higher level of attention that could be provided to them as well as the adherence to scheduling best practices. After seeing the value that Core Consulting Group was able to offer through the placement of one of their schedulers Origin asked Core Consulting Group to provide a planning role with two of their programs in order to continue to provide the thorough and professional service at the creation of schedules as well as in their maintenance. This enabled the creation of detailed and valuable schedules during the planning phase of projects through a combination of workshops and individual meetings which prompted team members to carefully consider their work packages and dependencies.

The outcome of the engagement was that Origin was provided with valuable tracking data and modelling in order to control their projects as well as detailed and well structured schedules to take forward in the completion of newly emerging projects. The high level of attention provided to the schedules was of value to Origin as, due to the changing nature of their projects, relevant and reliable data was required at short notice by the management team in order to adapt. This data can continue to be used into the future due to the well structured schedules and their customised views.

Key Elements of the solution included:
• Logical and efficient design and management of the Project Schedule
• Data tracking and modelling