Case Studies

Project Planner-Infrastructure

Government-Road Networks Connect Project – Project Planner

The Connect Project was set to deliver a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system into VicRoads’ various business functions including HR, Finance and Assets as well as the cross functional streams of Change and Implementation Management. As a result of the complex interdependencies across project streams and vendor deliverables a master schedule was required to support the successful management of the project.

Core Consulting Group was engaged to establish a comprehensive master schedule including vendor deliverables, VicRoads deliverables and primary and tertiary interdependency mapping. Having completed the initial engagement Core Consulting Group added additional functions to support day to day management including automated schedule quality checking, near term reporting and stream based reporting, critical path views and modelling, functional coding, grouping and sorting to deliver stream based perspectives and performance index reporting.

Through the master schedule VicRoads has an improved view of the road ahead and is proactively using the schedule to support management decisions and corrective action on the project.