Case Studies

Program Planner/Scheduler – Nextgen Group

Nextgen Group (NG) – North West Cable System Program Planner/Scheduler

“Nextgen Group is a leading supplier of network connectivity, Data Centre facilities and cloud services to Australian businesses, government agencies and telecommunications service providers.” – Nextgen Group website.

In May 2014 Nextgen Group (NG) announced plans to build Australia’s first purpose built subsea fibre optic network for the oil and gas industry. The 2,000km long cable system between Port Headland and Darwin, once delivered, will connect offshore Oil and Gas facilities in the Browse, Bonaparte and Carnarvon Basins to on shore locations including data centres and business headquarters.

NG engaged Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) to deliver the submarine components of the project, and were in the process of engaging another third party to build and deliver the Cable Landing Stations for the cable. NG needed to pull all of the third party schedules together with their own internal work in order to obtain a clear picture of the entire program of work (POW). Core Consulting Group (CCG) was engaged to build out the POW and provide identification and tracking of dependencies between all parties.

When CCG was engaged some of the ASN work had been planned CCG’s initial focus was to plan out the internal NG work and integrate it into the ASN schedule. This included setting up a series of processes and custom fields in MS Project 2010 to allow easier identification and linking of dependencies. In order to bring the entire program of work together some initial planning and scheduling was performed with key stakeholders around the Cable Landing Station work to enable this to be included in the overall timeline. Once these schedules were developed, CCG was able to bring together an integrated POW for NG by linking up the dependencies that had been identified in each schedule and creating an effective Program Schedule.

This provided management with a mechanism to track the entire program of work that spanned multiple parties and extended across multiple years. CCG enabled an output that allowed a representation of high level work to be easily input into PowerPoint presentations for reporting to the Steering Committee, as well as the Oil and Gas companies planning to utilise the North West Cable System.


Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Integrated program of work comprising multiple schedules from both Nextgen Group and various third parties
  • Implementation of dependency management processes
  • Custom fields for MS Project 2010 to enable dependency tracking and linking
  • Set up of a high level timeline view for reporting