Case Studies

Primavera Training-Superannuation

SuperPartners – Primavera training courses

SuperPartners provides business support services to Australian Industry Super Funds, which includes running call centres, claims administration, financial reporting, project management and IT services. As part of their IT services brief, SuperPartners are undertaking a broad IT transformation program named ‘NextGen’.

Prior to the NextGen program, SuperPartners implemented Primavera Project Management as their Enterprise Project Management tool. In the rollout of the tool Primavera Australia provided ‘vanilla’ training for existing users. In response to perceived reluctance in the SuperPartners project management community to use Primavera, Core Consulting Group (CCG) identified a need for training courses tailored to SuperPartners’ real-world application of the tool which combined policy, process and tool.

CCG structured the training into two courses run on multiple days over a four week period to allow for the greatest opportunity for participation. The first course was designed to allow for Project Managers to ‘self-serve’ for most of their day to day tasks, reducing their reliance on PMO support to maintain and update their schedules. Content of the first course included;
• Statusing Schedules
• Managing Role and Resources
• Planning Expenses
• Planning Activities
• Reporting

The second course was for advanced PM users, exploring some of the underlying concepts of Primavera, allowing participants to understand why the tool acted in certain ways, which was identified as a key source of frustration in the original training delivery.

Participants provided positive feedback, particularly that the courses removed the mystique around Primavera that was blocking them from using the tool effectively. Further support was provided to the SuperPartners Scheduling Manager to allow him to continue running the courses as new Project Managers entered the company.