Case Studies

Master Scheduling-Telecommunications

Telstra – Master Scheduling

Telstra’s IT Recovery Capability Uplift program is a multi-year-program with a range of pending and in flight projects. The program required an integrated view of project and program time-lines, dependencies and critical path. Core Consulting Group was engaged to provide common scheduling standards and scheduling support across the various Projects and Work Streams and manage an integrated program schedule.

Core Consulting Group (CCG) established a scheduling standard and template aimed at achieving consistency across all projects and work streams. CCG then worked with Project Managers and/or Work Stream Leads to develop project schedules that would roll up into an integrated program view. This was achieved by mapping out the products in a product flow diagram, the activities required to achieve those products, and the dependencies between each of the products. This was then transformed into a set of tasks and relationships in a series of project schedule files, which could then be rolled up into a program level high level view. A consistent and timely schedule update and reporting cycle was then implemented to update progress and support program analysis & reporting.

This provided the ability to report on and track Key Milestones, Critical Path, and Dependencies (between projects and work streams on the program). Schedule metrics, performance based reporting and program level rollups were provided regularly in accordance with the update cycle. The program increased its ability to accurately and confidently report program schedule progress and forecast.

Key Elements of the solution included:

  •   Project scheduling standards
  •   Project schedule development and support
  •   Program level rollup views
  •   Schedule Metrics and Reporting