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ARTICLE – Lamenting the Loss of Planning/Scheduling Skills


Planning/Scheduling was once a career in its own right. Contributing to it’s demise was the development of PC based scheduling software, particularly Microsoft Project with “anyone can schedule” marketing. Also contributing to the demise are the Professional Associations such as AIPM and PMI demoting Planning/Scheduling skills to a subset or stepping stone to those of a Project Manager.

Particularly evident in Business and IT projects, the lack of Planning/Scheduling skills is having a significant impact on project delivery success. This paper reflects on the skills and attributes of effective Planner/Schedulers and provides business with a roadmap for skills development.

By Martin Vaughan

Martin Vaughan is a Senior Consultant and Director of Core Consulting Group. With 20 years Project Management experience, the first 10 years focused on Planning/Scheduling and EVM, together with extensive industry experience as an employer of Planner/Schedulers and Project Managers, he is well placed to comment.

Martin lectures in IT Project Management at Melbourne University at a Post Graduate level, writes and speaks regularly in various industry forums. He has developed a number of Graduate Programs and has led skills development in and around Planning and Scheduling for years.

Lamenting the loss of planning and scheduling skills

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