Project Managers

project-managerThere is so much written about what makes for an effective Project Manager.  Read the text book and methodologies and you may be misled into thinking its all about creating artifacts. At Core Consulting Group our focus is on delivering the project and hence benefits, within the objectives of the approved Business Case.

Read a text book or Google and you will see that Project Management involves the discipline of planning, organising, controlling,¬†managing resources to achieve project goals and outcomes. We believe that while this is all important, it is the “soft skills” that count, the communication skills, the ability to influence and lead people to achieve a common goal. Due to the temporary nature of projects, in global environments involving vendors, contractors, politics and funding constraints, it is the management of these areas that differentiate average from good from great.

Our Project Managers are highly trained, skilled and experienced. They are outcome orientated with experience across a wide range of delivery approaches and methodologies, able to adapt to each new environment quickly and effectively. Through knowledge of PMBOK, PRINCE2 and AGILE philosophies, our Project Managers are ready to apply best practice principles to each engagement, bringing with them CCG standards and tools if needed.

While not a common request, we have in the past provided Program Managers as well as coaching for customer Program Managers.