PMO Analysts

We should start with providing a definition of controls and analysis in the context of Enterprise Project Management and PMOs. Project controls are the lists and spreadsheets used to keep track of things. Common controls include; Issues & Risk logs, Change Requests & Variations, Cost models, Schedules & Resource plans, Deliverables & Documents. These extend to Agile project controls, with lists relating to scope/requirements and alignment to sprints becoming a focus. From an Enterprise Project Management perspective, the ability to summarise or roll up (e.g. financials) as well as escalate/consolidate (e.g. risks) is fundamental to the success of the PMO and the work of the analysts.

Analysis, as the word implies, involves thinking and forming opinion. Experienced Analysts can “see” and/or “sense” things that are not right or require further investigation. They can “see” trends and opportunities, “see” beneath the numbers.

Our Analysts are highly trained, skilled and experienced. They apply best practice approaches to collect, analyse and present information to support effective decision making in project, program and portfolio environments. They work with recipients to provide concise, easy to read reports.

From simple tracking and updating through to complex trending an analysis, our Analysts understand factors that underpin project success and those that require focus in supporting great decisions.