PMO as a Service (aka Virtual PMO)

In the PMO tool space we have seen a significant change, consistent with many other Enterprise tools, where the tools are been provided “Software as a Service” (SaaS). What this means for tools is an off-site hosted, fully maintained service where customers pay based on their usage rather than the upfront investment in infrastructure, implementation and ongoing operational costs.

Meanwhile organisations are running projects across different locations, whether they be across town, across country or even across the globe. These sometimes come with different time zones and the need for flexible working (e.g. out of hours support). Factor in the increase in outsourced service provision so external vendors (outside the firewall), it is not surprising the take up of the SaaS option.

We have PMO customers now who are running geographically diverse project teams. While they need our help in running their PMO, their limited desk/office space plus the SaaS EPM tool they run, plus the need for out of hours support provided an ideal opportunity to formalise a new CCG service offering “PMO as a Service”.

“PMO as a Service” is an offering whereby a customer commits to a set number of hours per week (or full time equivalent factor) and we use our office, our infrastructure and our staff to provide that service. Our staff work on a flexible working time arrangement, spreading the hours as need be over the week. Perhaps starting their day at a 5am web hook-up, they then start in the office, or at home at 10am after taking the kids to school. Or perhaps they work short days some days and long days other (e.g. at reporting time). Or perhaps if is a person juggling parent responsibilities with work responsibilities, whether full time or part time. It is a “win win” scenario where customers get the support they need when they need it, while our staff get flexibility and balance work hours with home life.

“PMO Service” can’t be defined in a brochure, it is by its nature flexible and agile. We start with a catalogue of potential service offerings and an estimate of workload or effort for each. We then compile these into an integrated offering with a man-hour budget to suit. For more information contact us to discuss.