Providing Resources

PMO we do 4Due to our expertise and previous track record of quality service provision, we are often asked by customers to provide specialist PMO/EPM resources. While no longer a primary focus of our business, it is something we still do when asked. Core Consulting Group was originally set up as a specialist provider of PMO services. Over time we have evolved to our current services focus, which is to help organisations improve their Project, Program and Portfolio Management capability. This can only be done through a blend of improved people, processes and tools. Providing EPM Resources aligns with improving the “people” side, both from a capacity and capability perspective.

Our focus being Enterprise Project Management, the services we offer are:

  • Planners and Schedulers – Experienced people who understand the science and the art of planning, working with subject matter experts to articulate plans
  • PMO Analysts – Rather than “administrators” we focus on “analysis” or the thinking side of running a PMO. We work extensively with data, looking for errors, omissions and trends. PMO Analysts cover domains of Risk, Scope, Cost and Quality.
  • PMO Managers – Whether it be establishing a PMO, uplifting a PMO or running an existing PMO we understand the skills and qualities of an effective PMO Manager, particularly the leadership, communication and stakeholder skills necessary
  • Project Managers – We do have a great network of very capable Project and Program Managers and connect them to customers when needed. We are not a volume supplier of Project Managers, there are plenty or organisations which do that.
  • PMO as a Service – An innovative offering, sometimes referred to as a “virtual PMO”, we extend the concept of virtualised managed services to a PMO through a central, off site and outsourced PMO where we manage, house, equip and support a PMO team plus supply the EPM tool if need be.

Core Consulting Group has all the necessary insurances as well as the ability to support on a professional level the work our resources do.