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ms-project-serverAbout Microsoft Project – By Microsoft

We are experts in Microsoft Project Professional, and have been since the first PC versions of the mid 1990s. Through the leadership of Martin Vaughan, numerous tool innovations, planning/updating techniques, graphical views and education/training have been delivered to many large Australian organisations. Innovative “check filters”, cross code reporting, dependency management, simple earned value and many other advanced uses of the tool have been developed over the years. Scheduling standards and templates many organisations use today have evolved from work Martin has done.

Martin has taken a pragmatic approach, demonstrating the tool is extremely capable in the right hands (despite the messy defaults rolled out by Microsoft relating to resourcing, updating and manual scheduling).


About Microsoft Project Server and Online – By Microsoft

For close to ten years we have been exploring, adapting and innovating using Microsoft Project Server (otherwise known as Microsoft Enterprise Project Management or EPM and their cut down on line version Project Online). We have seen over that time changes to the architecture as it moved toward more and more browser based functionality, integrating their “Portfolio Server” offering and extending functionality. Based on a SharePoint platform, EPM has evolved to a very capable tool, given the right configuration and standardised use.

More recently there has been a push to subscription based software as a service, with customers wanting a hosted solution of Microsoft Project Server. Microsoft have responded, through their 365 offering with Project Online.
MS Partner Wht

CCG is an authorised partner of Microsoft

Core Consulting Group is a Microsoft Silver partner. As a Microsoft Partner, CCG has innovated to extend the capability of EPM while remaining in the “configuration” rather than “customisation” space. Sometimes working in collaboration with implementation vendors, CCG has guided the configuration of the tool, ensuring it meets the business needs rather than those of the vendor.

With a focus on user adoption, CCG has provided training, data cleansing, capability uplift, UAT, hands on configuration and administration services for project Server. Browse our white papers for access to a number of public discussion papers we have written. We have also a number of unpublished papers relating to key Project Server and Project Online functions, explaining the impact of key functions on the organisation as well as the process/methodology and training impact of such a change.

CCG can also help customers with operations and ongoing support through our Planners & Schedulers and PMO as a Service offerings.