Tool selection advisory services

ToolsNew EPM tool selection services

EPM tool selection can be difficult, particularly if the needs of an organisation are not clear. All too often customers use sources such as Gartner Magic Quadrant or other “Google” type research as the basis of a significant financial investment. They rely on vendor web sites and promises of functionality. They often under estimate the Change Management aspects along the way. Core Consulting Group (CCG) has a number of white papers that could assist customers with selection, in particular “Choosing an EPM Tool“, they are well worth a read.

We also offer professional services to help with selection including:

  • Helping customers form high level requirements through our “Concept of Operations” workshop approach
  • Assistance with short listing tools to support a RFQ or RFT process
  • Assistance with RFQ or RFT review (noting our conflict of interest in some cases)
  • Assistance with forming contracts with vendors, advising customers on risk reduction strategies
  • Advisory services around detailed configuration, aligned to customers methodology and needs rather than tool vendor’s convenience
  • Training services, combining the tool with the process, specific to a customer’s needs

Existing EPM tool advisory services

Our page “Improving EPM Tools” discussed some of the ways we can assist customers improve the use of the EPM tools they already have. Our improvement advisory services are focused on:

  • One on one interviews with key EPM Stakeholders to gain opinion and perspective on perceived problems with the tool(s)
  • Facilitating workshops (if need be) with EPM Tool stakeholders to gain consensus on perceived problems with the tool(s)
  • Review of EPM Tool artefacts, particularly configuration and user guide documentation
  • Observation through hands on use of the tool and/or observation of the tool’s use by a power user
  • Analysis (thinking), possibly involving others at CCG, to form recommendations for improvements
  • Estimating and planning of effort involved