Integrated Bimodal – Waterfall and Agile

Agile software development has been seen by many organisations as a faster, better approach compared to traditional waterfall approaches.  We have seen many success stories, as well as many challenges.

Bimodal challenges

While Agile is a proven and popular approach for software development, other areas of the organisation are still coming to grips with the challenges of integrating into what has traditionally been a waterfall project environment.  Challenges are many and varied, but some include:

– Capital planning and project funding approval processes

– Operational deployment and release management processes

– Project governance and status reporting needs, particularly stage gates and alignment to standard phases

– Resource request and management processes for project staff


In the tool space, it is fair to say they are still playing catchup.  Agile tools such as Jira filled the needs of Agile project teams, but lacked the breadth for Portfolio Management.  Project EPM tools filled the needs of traditional projects but lacked the ability to support Agile.


Core Consulting Group have experience balancing the needs of the whole organisation, focusing on productivity improvements for all.  By integrating the tools, process and reporting, a whole of Portfolio Bimodal solution can be achieved.