People, Values & Culture

Core Consulting Group is a team of talented and passionate people who share common values, with a culture of leadership, learning and improvement. We support each other to deliver better outcomes for our clients. We take great pride in our culture of continuous learning and improvement, knowledge sharing and support.

At Core Consulting Group, we believe in the following principles for business excellence:

  • Honesty & Integrity – ourselves and others
  • Respect – for ourselves and others
  • Trust – the importance of working together, as a team
  • Passion & Enjoyment – for work, family and our personal interests. We are passionate about what we do and hopefully our passion will excite others
  • Professionalism – we deliver on time every time, to the expectations of the
    clients but also to our own higher quality expectations
  • Collegiality – we value our colleagues, and clients so help them too where we can

Core Consulting Group was founded in 2006 by Martin Vaughan and Chris Dwyer. Their inspiration was to form a group of professionals with a passion for delivering outstanding services to clients. This is the vision behind CCG, a team of specialists, who share a culture of collegiality and a commitment to excellence.