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ARTICLE – Graduates and Project Management


“One of the lasting memories of my work experience stint at a regional council as part of my Civil Engineering degree was how useless I felt. The disconnect between what the council needed me to do, and the skills/experience I had obtained through my undergraduate studies, was significant. I still remember the level of frustration felt by both myself and my supervisor at the council. Fast forward 25 years, I now find myself not only an employer of graduates but also a University lecturer. Has much changed over this time, how should we approach today’s graduates? ”

This article looks at the key issues that arise with graduation employment, with tips for both employers and university students.

By Martin Vaughan

Martin Vaughan (AIPM MPD) is the Managing Director of Core Consulting Group (, a Melbourne based consulting business specialising in Planning/Scheduling, Estimating/Cost Management and PMOs. Martin also lectures in IT Project Management at the University of Melbourne and is an active member of the AIPM PMO Special Interest Group.

Graduates and Project Management

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