Case Studies

Governance Training-Insurance

CoverMore – Governance Training

CoverMore provides travel insurance to over 1 million customers per year. CoverMore contacted Core Consulting Group after a referral from one of our other customers to provide Governance training to their executives and Project Managers as part of a broader initiative to uplift Governance.

CoverMore had already done some work to define their Governance process but appreciated our help in filling the gaps and providing an overall framework for them which was customised to their needs. Once the basics of Governance were established and made available via Sharepoint, we were able to customise our generic training material to their specific needs. CoverMore were attracted to our hands on approach and our ability to de-mystify a potentially complex topic.

We designed and delivered two separate modules of training, a half day module for Project Managers and a two hour module for Executives. Training course material was quite hands on as participants worked through the life cycle of a hypothetical project. The Executive’s focus was on decision making gates, assessing the provided (but intentionally incomplete) material they were provided. True to life there was schedule and cost pressure as well as stakeholder issues to consider. On the other side of the fence, the Project Managers had a number of hands on exercises around providing the material for decision making.

The style of training moved between discussion, presented content, individual and group work. The training was well received with excellent feedback. The Project Manager training was repeated three times and the Executive training delivered once. All participants indicated through their feedback that the training was valuable use of their time.