Case Studies

Governance Framework Refresh – Transurban

Transurban – TIGF Refresh

Transurban manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and North America.

In 2013, CCG were approached by Transurban to assist with a review of the Transurban Infrastructure Governance Framework (TIGF) and provide recommendations for change. Transurban had a need to simplify the existing TGF and align operational and delivery areas across 3 regions, Melbourne, Sydney and North America.

CCG was selected due to its reputation in the area of project management, knowledge and experience in methodology, process development and change management.

CCG lead a formalised review process that resulted in a revised structure for the governance framework (renamed TAMS). With the revised framework agreed, CCG then worked with “Chapter Owners” to develop appropriately detailed information to guide consistent application of key business practices within Transurban across their existing operational areas and regions

In parallel, CCG worked to develop an organisational change management program to address communication, training and coaching, as the new TAMS was implemented.

At the end of the project the following benefits and objectives were hopefully achieved:

  • Framework was fit for purpose across Transurban globally
  • Framework was aligned to Transurban’s organisation structure
  • Greater engagement with the framework
  • Flexibility in procedure development across assets and regions
  • Consistent functional outcomes across Transurban


Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Transurban Asset Management System
  • Document Review and Approval process
  • Change Management Strategy and Plan
  • Scheduling
  • Editorial Review