Case Studies

Estimating Tool-Transport & Logistics

Toll: Information Services – Estimating tool

Toll is the Asian region’s leading provider of integrated logistics, generating annual revenue of AU$8.2 billion and operating an extensive network of over 1,200 sites in 55 countries. Toll’s access to transport and infrastructure assets includes road fleets, warehousing, ships, air freight capacity, ports and rail rolling stock.

Core Consulting Group had been previously engaged to assist the Toll IS team with implementation of their Bijingo (Enterprise Project Management) system, with training and with hands on planning and controls. In this case CCG was asked to assist to uplift and standardise the Toll project estimating process. Previously Toll had been using a series of spreadsheets in an ad hoc manner.

CCG implemented the existing CCG Estimating tool with some minor modification for the Toll environment and provided the training and support to enable project teams to engage with the capability offered by the tool.

The outcome for Toll was a clever tool which guided the user through the estimating process. Starting with some basic information, the user defined the WBS, timing and then worked through tabular entry screens where the estimate resided. Some elements which made the tool of value were the inclusion of upper and lower boundaries on each element of estimate which rolled up to the summary level, providing upper and lower boundaries. Another handy feature was the inclusion of quantified risk allowances. Unique to Toll was the need to mark up the “Cost” estimates to result in a “Price” and the presentation of the quotation in a predefined format.

The implementation was well received by Toll and their Project Management users and continues to be used to build more reliable project estimates.