Case Studies

Schedule Development-State Government

DPCD – Schedule Development for the Metropolitan Planning Scheme

The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) has a central role in managing Victoria’s growth and development and building stronger communities. To achieve this they provide research, policy and planning advice, administer legislation and regulations, invest in infrastructure and services and advocate for the needs of key population groups.

DPCD have engaged Core Consulting Group to assist with pulling together the plan for the release of the Metropolitan Planning Strategy.  Working forwards from activities in progress, and backwards from publically committed dates and recognised approval processes, CCG assisted DPCD form their delivery strategy as well as identify the critical areas of the schedule.  The process of planning led to the need to develop a fast track approval process through the early identification of problems.

DPCD have adopted CCG’s approach to schedule status and updating which is quite new for DPCD.  While there, CCG also provided training to DPCD staff so they can provide the updates in the future without the need for CCG involvement.

 Key Elements of the solution included:

  • Detailed project schedule
  • Innovative summary and near term reporting
  • Education and training