Case Studies

Course Review-Introduction to IT Project Management

RMIT, School of Business Information Technology
ISYS1033 – Introduction to IT Project Management course review

RMIT engaged Core Consulting Group in November 2007 to review their “Introduction to Project Management” course, offered as part of their Graduate Diploma level postgraduate studies. The decision to review the course came after having run the course for several years and wishing to adopt best practice. The review covered structure, lecture notes, exercises and assessment including review of student feedback comments and results.

CCG, through the efforts of Martin Vaughan, met with representatives from the University, reviewed material and provided a report with recommendations on potential improvements. Our report provided a number of practical recommendations and observations, including a proposed new structure as well as detailed comments on weekly lectures. The recommendations were presented in a final meeting with RMIT.

RMIT was happy with the report and recommendations and were pleased to have been provided with a comprehensive review in such a limited time. We believe many of the recommendations have been implemented.