Case Studies

Consolidated Billing Capability and Legal Entity Compliance-Utilities

Origin Energy – Project Management

Origin Energy is a top 100 ASX listed company involved in gas and oil exploration and production, energy retailing, power generation and utility network management. The BOND Program was the integration of Sun Retail (Energex – A Queensland Electricity business) into Origin Energy. This program consisted of a number of lines of business projects.

There were two main capabilities required that extended across the line of business projects that required additional attention. Core Consulting Group was engaged to project manage the delivery of Consolidated Billing capability and Legal Entity compliance. Consolidated Billing provided Origin Energy with the ability to offer consolidated bills to customers with numerous sites. Legal Entity compliance ensured Origin Energy met its obligation to retain customers in two separate legal entities, Sun Retail and Origin Energy.

Despite tight time frames and competing priorities, Core Consulting Group delivered both capabilities to Origin Energy with the Bond Program lifecycle.