Business Analysis Competency Framework


This document will give you an outline of the skills and competencies of an effective Business Analyst and why competency levels and assessments are important to any organisation.

With Business Analysis competency assessments, we can determine who has the best mix of traits and skills to be an effective Business Analyst, or the potential to become one. Competency assessments also help us identify candidates skill area strengths and weaknesses.

By Martin Vaughan & Brenda Treasure

Martin Vaughan is a Senior Consultant and Director of Core Consulting Group. With 20 years Project Management experience, the first 10 years focused on Planning/Scheduling and EVM, together with extensive industry experience as an employer of Planner/Schedulers and Project Managers, he is well placed to comment.

Martin, many years ago, established the Australian Business Analysis Association and was on the founding committee. He has developed a number of Graduate Programs which were all competency based.

BA Competency Framework

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